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About Us

About Us

MMarble being very precious , calls for a lot of skill while making the final article. The most exquisite pieces are hand painted with conventional floral and geometric patterns , sometimes with figures of birds and animals. Decorative motifs are used lending an incomparable richness to the surface, of various artistic and functional objects made up of marble. Statue, Portraits of kings and Queens, God temples, hunting figures and other themes are painted on marble. Other items available are lamp, pots, big sizes vases to small boxes, ashtrays, decorative plates, pen stands, paper holders.

M.M. Malviya Marble & articles , an enhancing world of artistic Temples, Statues and Enley Works. Products manufactured by us are a fine blend of an art and technology. Among various Indian States and companies producing high quality handicrafts and marble art, M.M. Malviya stands as leader in marble art. M.M. Malviya has a rich tradition of exquisite craftsmanship. Major crafts practiced are marble temple, fountain, Tulsi port, marble statues, fire place, marble pillar, marble furniture, inlay and carvings, and home decor product. M.M. Malviya was established by Mr. M. M. Malviya in 1995 at Maharashtra at Shegaon. Today, company established itself at five locations, all the branches are well equipped with man power full of artistic touch, employees to fulfill any requirement of customers with the objective of preserving and nurturing the handicrafts of the State and help in improving the economic conditions of the artisans. Empowered with our skilled artisans and craftsmen, we provide our clients with exquisite pieces of temple work such as small temple, marble carving. These work include a wide variety of complex traditional designs carved on these stones or marbles. We have a wide variety of works in different sizes and shapes. We are a creative team of hard working and indigenous craftsmen who are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of temples, devotional idols, devotional sculptures and statues. Incorporated in the year 1956, we have been recognized for our wide range of decorative and utility items that is made using superior quality marble, sandstone and granite. With an eye to detail, we pay a lot of attention to the design and finish of the products. Each and every piece of statues reflect our mastery in carving sculptures. Our skilled craftsmen have individually designed, carved and polished each and every piece to make them match the international standards of quality..

Mingling of technology and creativity

It is vital to create a perfect combination of technology and creativity that leads to the awesome designs flaunting the complete traditional value of the era. Our prime aim is to make the quick and efficient in a manner that results in enticing engravings and exotic cuts that recreate the authentic essence of the bygone era. Our Marble Temples, Carved Marble Temples and Sandstone Temples are created using high quality marble featuring perfect finish and polish that is achieved through the usage of latest technology machines. Advanced CAD drawings and technical skills used to create marvelous stone medallion, sign, border, and others on tiles, stone, or marble floor is widely acknowledged in the market and made us stand tall as Marble & Sandstone Temple Designer & Contractor in India.

Company Profile

MWe MALVIYA MARBLE ARTS are manufacturer, supplier and service provider offering a comprehensive Marble Articles made as per the traditional Indian Designs. Our mastery is reflected in the Marble Handicraft Items designed by us such as Devotional Idols, Devotional Sculptures, Mable Statues, Marble Fountain, Marble Tulsi Fort, Marble Statues, Marble Fire Place, Marble Pillar, Marble Furniture and others. Our creative ability enables us to come up with the most complex designs of marble artifacts made up of variety of marble such as white marble, black marble, gray marble, and others.

Malviya Marble Art is a company that bring creativity and technology together to carve exclusive Marble Temples, Birds and Animals, and beautiful floral and geometrical patterns. Our skilled artisans and craftsmen helps us to revive the charm and era of art and culture, religion and beauty, and convention and technology to create the masterpiece of Marble, Temples, Carved Marble Temples, Marble Furniture, Marble Statues, Marble Fountain that is beautiful and peaceful

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